You are invited to 2015 Henry County Women's Retreat!

It is our deepest desire to equip women of God to be POWERFUL!

On Saturday, September 19th we will gather for our 3rd Henry County Women's Retreat to hear some wisdom from some amazing women of God who know what being powerful is all about.
They are going to equip you with spiritual swords to fight against the enemy in a more precise way than you ever have before.

If you are in the Body of Christ, you are in a war.  God is looking for a volunteer Army.  We're going to help you to examine your walk with Christ in a much deeper way.  It is our intention that you will leave the event feeling stronger than ever in your faith.

We will give you tools to cut off generational curses.  We will give you tools to hear the Holy Spirit better.  We will give you tools to help you disciple others.

We are going to leave EQUIPPED!!!

Go here for more information on Registration.  The cost is $15 (lunch is included).  We also have scholarships available for those who are facing financial hardships.